With deep regret we are sad to announce that the 2021 edition of the Heroes Highway Ride and Rally is cancelled. There are not, nor will there be, any alternate or back-up plans.

After long conversations and consultations with our military, law enforcement, traffic control, charitable, and government partners, the inescapable conclusion has been reached that holding an event such as the HHR under the current unstable and fluctuating societal conditions is simply impossible.

Virtually all of our aforementioned partners, on all levels, have enacted, and have in place, guidelines, rules, and by-laws that preclude any and all aspects of the HHR from happening this year. We have worked with these entities for over 10 years. We have forged strong and mutually respective relationships with them. It is imperative that these be maintained and honoured if the HHR is to have a future when any semblance of normalcy returns.

Should you choose to ride the 401 Highway of Heroes, of your own accord, on June 5th, we urge you to be respectful and considerate in all of your encounters and interactions.