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We take for granted the safety and security that they provide, as they have chosen to put themselves in harms way, not only for us Canadians but for people worlds away.


The burden of their sacrifices do not rest only on their shoulders, but on the shoulders of their families as well.

We, as Canadians must never forget that the Life and Freedom we enjoy today came at the cost of so many, it's a shame that far too many of us look at the dollars and cents instead of the human toll. We have become complacent and we have come to take this Freedom for granted and it is for that reason, more than any other that we must hold this event.

Lou DeVuono

Founder & Executive Director

Heroes Highway Ride and Rally Association


Ongoing Support

We would like to thank all of you who join us each year in this, Canada's largest Support Our Troops event.

But we would not be able to hold this event without the help of our families, volunteers, the communities that we visit, including the City of Quinte West and the

Town of Port Hope.

Furthermore, we recognize the support the various Veteran and independent motorcycle clubs that join us each year.

Lastly, we think that with all the challenges we faced over the last two years we'd be remiss if acknowledge the efforts of so many, who are Heroes in their own right,

First Responders, Front-line Health Care providers, Store Clerks, Truckers to name a few, too all of you who stood up and worked during these difficult times, Thank you. 

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